Penguin Style Cheats January 2010!

This New catalog is awesome! Club Penguin added a New feature in the catalog so you can design your own T-shirt! That is probably why the catalog came out a day late! You can look at the catlog below.

Click the Mountain on page 6 to get the Pink Flippers!

Click the Snowmans nose on page 5 for the Pink snorkel!

Click the bubble to the right of the fish on page 7 for the Red viking helmet!

Open and close the red viking helmet 3 times to get the blue viking helmet!

I think this catalog is awesome! Especially how you can create your own shirt! Do you like the new catalog?



Club Penguin New Years Fireworks 2010!

Hey Penguins! Club Penguin has finally released Fireworks for 2010! Club Penguin was over a day late with the updates today. That’s the latest CP has ever released anything!

You can view the Fireworks at the Ice Berg and Ski Hill on any server! Happy New Year!


ClubPenguin ROCKZ New Years Countdown!

I think 2009 was a great year! I got to meet new fans and friends, my popularity increase on Club Penguin, and becoming a better graphic and video editor! To start off a Brand new year we will be posting a One month Club Penguin Membership on December 31st @ 11:30 EST below!

One Month Membership: 4345610794533820

Go on the ClubPenguin ROCKZ Offical chat by clicking on the sidebar or clicking HERE at 11:00 Eastern Time! We will Hangout and maybe even give away Club Penguin codes! I will post info on where to meet me on Club Penguin on the chat so we can have a Countdown Party for the New Year! Are you in?

-Cloneguy800 😉

Club Penguin Times Issue #220 *Last Issue of 2009*

Hey Penguins! The new newspaper has been released! It’s the last Issue of 2009! This Issue talks about the past events of 2009 and what events you enjoyed this year! I think almost all the events on Club Penguin this year were AWESOME! Also the Deck the Halls Igloo Contest winners are posted! You can read the Newspaper below!

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 1st- Payday for Agents and Tour Guides!

Jan. 1st- New Club Penguin Pin

Jan. 1st- New Penguin Style Catalog

Jan. 8th- New Club Penguin Play!

That’s all for now!


Lots Coming Up 2010!

Hey Penguins! The Club Penguin Holiday Party has ended but there will be lots coming up in 2010! Here is what The Club Penguin team wrote on their “What’s New?” Blog

The Holiday Party has come to a close, and we want to wish everyone a huge thanks for making it a success! We’ve heard from a lot of you wondering what’s coming up in the new year. Well, I can say for sure that 2010 is going to start off with a bang! A new event’s on the way that will lead penguins into secret places! More games are incoming too that will test your skills!

WOAH I can’t wait until 2010! A new Puffle and Herbert P. Bear coming to Club Penguin! I wonder what color the next puffle will be? Will Herbert eat us? What’s that squid shaped thing? So many questions! We will all have to wait until 2010! Are you excited for 2010?


P.S. Check out the ClubPenguin ROCKZ! episode 14 Below!

Merry Christmas from ClubPenguin ROCKZ!

Hey Penguins! I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We have released a New Club Penguin Music Video featuring the ClubPenguin ROCKZ Band Cookie6719, Orangejoe11, Descoteaux!  Enjoy the Video!

Club Penguin- Don’t be a Jerk(It’s Christmas)- Spongebob

Double click the video to watch it on YouTube and comment, rate, and subscribe!

If you celebrate Christmas what did you get from Santa, your friends, or family?


P.S.- ClubPenguin ROCKZ Episode 14 will be released soon!

Club Penguin Santa Hat Cheat!

What Up Penguins?! Orange here! The CP christmas party A.K.A. the Holiday party is here! There is one item for non-members 😦 It’s the Santa hat!

You can get it at the Ski Village! Too bad I already have it. Anyway Happy Holidays!